The student learning schedule is developed in consultation with the student success leader.

The table below provides a schedule of the daily times indicating when learning block (LB) sessions may be held. Outside of the specialist blocks (VET courses), students are free to personalise the rest of the learning schedule to best meet their interests and needs.

This schedule provides flexibility to support students during work placement weeks and with their apprenticeships, traineeships and part time work.

Specialist VET classes will continue to operate in their morning and afternoon time-slots during the extended day and the four-day work integrated learning initiative.

For students in Years 11 and 12 the day concludes at 2.10pm on Fridays.

Schedule of Daily Times – Monday to Friday
Duration Minutes Daily Schedule Commence Time End Time
65 LB1 7.30am 8.35am
15 Break 1 8.35am 8.50am
65 LB2 8.55am 9.50am
65 LB3 9.55am 11.00am
30 Break 2 11.00am 11.30am
65 LB4 11.30am 12.35pm
30 Break 3 12.35pm 1.05pm
65 LB5 1.05pm 2.10pm
65 LB6 2.10pm 3.15pm
15 Break 4 3.15pm 3.30pm
65 LB7 3.30pm 4.35pm
65 LB8 4:35pm 5:40pm
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