Southern Cross College Burwood students standing at school's balconyPersonalised Self Directed Learning
Our unique personalised model is built on the key pillars of: 

  • independent learning
  • flexible and personalised scheduling
  • continuous progress
  • guidance for success and
  • personalised teaching and support from expert educators. 

The key pillars underpin every aspect of the unique learning model, ensuring that each student has the potential to develop their own unique learning programme with support and guidance from advisors, receive personal instruction from specialist learning facilitators and, where required, assistance from diverse learning facilitators.

The model involves the realignment of teaching staff schedules to ensure that there is increased availability to students for personalised learning. In other words, we are re-aligning structures to make both teaching and learning more personal. Importantly, aspects of the model include: 

  • specialist VET classes continue to operate in their morning and afternoon time-slots
  • the extended day and the four-day work integrated learning initiative 
  • the provision of a single adult advisor to each student and
  • the quality delivery of requirements to achieve the HSC and national qualifications.

In short, the framework enhances existing initiatives by providing improved access to expert Learning Facilitators and improved flexibility to personalise the teaching and learning for all students.

A college where students determine what, where, how and when they learn
The unique Southern Cross personalised learning model gives the students the skills required to succeed in a modern twenty-first century landscape, making the college a place:

  • where learning is personalised
  • where students are invited to follow their passion
  • that is not bound by rigid timetables and uniform age grouping
  • that uses innovative learning architecture to invite learning beyond the classroom
  • where learning resources are available 24/7 and
  • where students have a voice in determining where, what, how and when they learn.