Students in Years 11 and 12 have a number of career pathways available to them depending on their career interests. 

The following Career Pathway Selection form has been provided as a guide to what courses will be studied depending the students interests.

Career Pathway Selection Form – Years 11 and 12

Career pathways are selected from four main industry areas:

  1. Technical Trades: Automotive, Carpentry, Electrotechnology, Plumbing
  2. Community and Services: Education, Health, Hair & Beauty, Hospitality
  3. Creative Industries: Entertainment, Events, Media, Design
  4. Business and Finance: Information Technology, Business, Retail, Real Estate

Each student’s pattern of study is made up from the courses selected within the career pathway.

These courses consist of the following categories:


Students typically undertake three elective VET courses: a minimum of two Board Developed courses and one elective complementary course in Year 11.  These vocational courses contribute to the Higher School Certificate and are available for selection from the list below:

Southern Cross offers a wide variety of Nationally Accredited Certificate II and III level courses for Year 11 and 12 students, including:

Board Developed HSC Courses (ATAR) Board Endorsed HSC Courses
Automotive (Vocational Prep and Servicing Technology) Baking
Business Services Beauty Services (Make-up)
Construction (Pathways and Carpentry) Early Childhood Education and Care
Entertainment Industry Education Support
Health Services (Nursing or Allied Health) Furniture Making Pathways
Hospitality (Food and Beverage or Kitchen Operations) Hairdressing (Salon Assistant and Apprenticeship)
Information and Digital Technology Real Estate Practice
Retail Screen and Media
Tourism, Travel and Events

Additionally, students are required to complete the following courses in Year 11: 

  • Studies in Catholic Thought
    As part of their Higher School Certificate (HSC), students at Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College Burwood will complete STAGE 6 Studies in Catholic Thought. This is a Board Endorsed course with no external HSC examination.
    Studies in Catholic Thought gives students the ability to develop an intellectual understanding of their faith to enable them to experience the truth that faith and reason are inextricably linked. Thought provoking modules such as ‘Who is a Human Person?, The Trinitarian God & Humanity, The Re-imaging of Creation, Virtue, Vice & Salvation, The Good Works and The Common Good’ actively engage students in their faith life.

The passionate Studies in Catholic Thought team facilitates engagement in learning that helps students explore content relevant to the course through participation in meaningful and engaging learning activities. The course aims to assist students towards a better understanding of themselves, God, and other relationships with Him; and to engage with the tradition of the Catholic Church through scripture, history, theology, philosophy, literature, art, music and liturgy. Graduates leave Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College Burwood with a real life experience of what it means to be Catholic, both in and beyond the classroom.

  • English Studies: This course aims to assist students to understand, use, enjoy and value the English language in its various textual forms and to become thoughtful, imaginative and effective communicators in a diverse and changing society.
  • Work Studies: This course aims to assist students to recognise the links between education, training, work and lifestyle. Students investigate how work in all its forms – paid and unpaid – plays a central role in our lives. and hechnological, social and economic factors are rapidly changing the nature of work and traditional patterns of work organisation.
  • Mathematics – Standard: In Year 11, Mathematics Standard is a 2 Unit Board Developed course. In Year 12, students study Mathematics Standard 1, which is a Board Developed course with no external HSC examination. (Students undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship in Automotive, Construction, Electrotechnology or Plumbing are expected to study the Mathematics Standard course.)
  • Photography, Video and Digital Imaging: 2 Unit Board Endorsed course available for study in Year 11 and/or Year 12.
  • Sport Lifestyle and Recreation: 2 Unit Board Endorsed course available for study in Year 11 and/or Year 12.

A number of our courses offer students the opportunity for deeper study into Year 12. Students are able to specialise in various subjects and improve their employability through receiving higher level qualifications. These specialisations count as additional units towards the HSC qualification. Specialisations currently offered by the college include:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Hospitality (Catering Operations)